Dal 29 novembre 2023 al 30 novembre 2023
Immunotherapy Bridge

Over the last years, an extensive research has improved our understanding of tumor immunology and
enabled the development of novel treatments that can harness the patient’s immune system and prevent
immune escape.
Through numerous clinical trials and real-world experience, a large amount of evidence of the potential for
long-term survival with immunotherapy agents has been accumulated in various types of malignancy,
starting from melanoma to extend to other tumors.
The results of these studies have also highlighted a number of recurring observations with immuno-oncology
agents, including their potential for clinical application across a broad patient population and for both
conventional and unconventional response patterns.
The clinical success of immune checkpoint blockade with anti-cytotoxic T-lymphocyte-associated antigen
(CTLA)-4 and anti-programmed death (PD)-1/PD-ligand (L)1 inhibitor in melanoma and other cancers has
encouraged increasing development of other immunotherapies, particularly monoclonal antibodies with
other immune targets, adoptive cell transfer and vaccines. It has been estimated that there are over 3000
immuno-oncology trials ongoing, targeting hundreds of disease and immune pathways. Study results have
highlighted a number of recurring observations, including the immunotherapy potential for clinical
application across a broad patient population and for both conventional and unconventional response
The successes of the immune-oncology is strongly correlated with the immune system ability of “memory”
and adaptability, to improve the time of survival and without selecting resistant form of tumoral cells.
Another advantage is that the efficacy of immunotherapy drugs does not seem to be particularly influenced
by histology and mutations.
First session of the congress will be jointly organized with the Society for ImmunoTherapy of Cancer (SITC).
Hence, the state of the art of immunotherapy from the clinical point of view in various types of malignancies
will be exhaustively discussed and on targeting cancer through stimulation of innate immunity with
Then the “Great Debate” sessions, where counterpoint views from leading experts on specific controversial
clinical issues will be presented and discussed from different points of view.
Conclusions will be drawn after the last session on Neo-Adjuvant therapies in different types of cancer.


Dal 29 novembre 2023 al 30 novembre 2023

Napoli (NA), Napoli

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