Dal 11 luglio 2024 al 12 luglio 2024

Immune checkpoint blockade (ICB) has revolutionized outcomes for patients with advanced cancers. Building upon this marked success, evaluation of ICB in patients with surgically resectable disease has been pursued across multiple cancer types. In addition to an improvement in operability, improving the anti-tumor immune response, as measured by pathologic response, neoadjuvant immunotherapy continues to demonstrate correlation with improved risk or recurrence across and has resulted in changes in standard of care.

Taken together, neoadjuvant treatment serves as powerful drug development platform as it provides the opportunity to leverage translational insights to gain a deeper understanding the outcomes associated with pathologic response as well as insights into mechanisms of immunotherapy response and resistance across multiple cancer types.

With this in mind, we seek to organize a global meeting to bring together researchers engaged in neoadjuvant immunotherapy clinical and translational research with the goal of highlighting clinical advances, innovative research approaches, as well as possibilities for collaboration and opportunities to harmonize approaches across cancers. With the unique advantage of immunotherapy, we have the opportunity to advance the field forward in both improving outcomes for patients with surgically resectable disease as well as harnessing the true potential of the neoadjuvant platform for drug development.
The meeting will take place over two days and will consist of invited speakers, and panel discussions. Topics will range from disease specific field overviews, pathology, biomarkers, imaging, and patient reported outcomes.



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Dal 11 luglio 2024 al 12 luglio 2024

Napoli (NA), Palazzo Alabardieri

Responsabile scientifico
Paolo A. Ascierto, Christian U. Blank, Elizabeth M. Burton

Medico chirurgo, Farmacista, Biologo, Infermiere

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